Letter of Invitation: SRM Panel


Time: Jan 11, 2024 08:30 AM Khartoum

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Meeting ID: 884 1798 8060 Passcode: 964741


Change to SSCAA AIP with effective date of 22 FEB 2024 is now available for preview.

The SSCAA would like to invite stakeholders for SRM PANEL on Routes above FL245 on 11th of January.

Services Within the Khartoum FIR Over South Sudan Airspace PowerPoint. Click on "Read More" below to view.

The SSCAA wants to hear from you with its new Air Traffic Incident Report. Click on "Read More" below, or "Air Traffic Incident Report" above.

SSCAA Pilot/ATCO forum on 19 APR 2023 to discuss new Juba SID/STAR and electronic ATC Incident Reporting.

New AMDT for CDO STARs and CCO SIDs to Runway 13 and Runway 31. Scheduled to become effective on 20 APR 2023.

SSCAA completes a full ground survey of the airport and surrounding obstacles.

New RNP Approaches to Runway 13 and Runway 31 are developed for Juba Intl Airport.

Final review meeting for Juba SID/STAR July 13, 2022 and SRM Panel July 14, 2022.

Final review meeting for Juba RNP APCH June 8, 2022 and SRM Panel June 9, 2022.

Kick-Off-Meeting (KOM) for Juba SID/STAR/RNP APCH and high altitude route structure.

Juba Tower prepares to get NavPass weather relays in September.

Juba Tower gets NavPass live situational display.

SSCAA AMDT 02/21 to the AIP is available.

SSCAA confirms contract for new Juba Tower Radios, due to be completed on 21 JUN 2021

SSCAA AIC-001-2021 Juba TMA and South Sudan FIR Changes in new AIP, now available for download.

The Republic of South Sudan, in accordance with the South Sudan Civil Aviation Act of 2012, approves the First Edition of the South Sudan Aeronautical…